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Since taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I have gathered bits and pieces of self-revelation, each one drawing from me an “Aha!” of agreement and excitement. It has occurred to me that it would be valuable to organize the many components of my personality into one cohesive summary. Certain INFJ traits do not apply to me as wholly as others do, however, and it is my intent to filter through and find those traits which most accurately define me. My reason for doing this is so that I might have something like a user’s guide to Darrick. At times, I forget that I am designed to operate in a particular way and that my unique configuration is meant to serve a purpose, if only used properly. I hope to use this synpopsis as a reference point from which I can know how to more efficiently function as a member of the body of Christ.
Prefer to focus attention on the inner world of ideas and impressions
Prefer to take in information from patterns and the big piture and focus on future possibilities
Prefer to make decisions based primarily on values and on subjective evaluation of
person-centered concerns
Prefer to like a planned and organized approach to life and prefer to have things settled


From “Please Understand Me II”
NFs – The Idealists:  INFJs fall under the broader personality category of “Idealists” (NFs). David Keirsey, author of Please Understand Me II, believes that the Idealist is best represented by a dolphin, because dolphins are cooperative, desire to relate with humans, are supportive and relational in small group/family settings, and communicate with unique, subliminal sonar (Idealists understand each other like no one else can, allowing for efficient communication, but “signals” can still face external or internal interference). An online forum suggests that an INFJ, in particular, can call the kangaroo its animal totem due to a common nurturing, patient, and overprotective nature.
Apollo is the “guiding deity” of Idealists. He is the Greek god of light, in a literal and symbolic sense. Apollo was known as the revealer (great ancient oracle) and healer (particularly the psychic healer, leading people to inner wholeness). To the Greeks, Apollo was, “the most ideal of all the gods, a radiant figure of beauty and poetry in whom little of the savage remained” (117). “Plato was the quintissential Idealist…” (118). Aristotle, who believed that happinness was derived from the study of ethics, valued the Idealist’s pursuit of an understanding of the Good Life via ethics. Adickes called Idealists the “Dogmatics.” This kind of dogmatism means a devotion to an ideal way of life, and an intention to invite others to join in that way of living. ‘Dogma,’ ‘doctrine,’ and ‘doctor’ all have the same root (‘dek’) which means “to teach” or “cause to accept.” Spränger labelled Idealists the “Religious” types or the “Identity Seeking Personality.”
            “In their own ways the other types tend to be realistic about mating, which is to say that Artisans, Guardians, and Rationals assume their mates to be fallible, and they will go along with a good deal of compromise in making their marriages work. Idealists, on the other hand, are singularly idealistic about choosing a mate and the ideal relationship, what they call the “love of their life” or their “one true love,” joined with them in a match made in heaven and creating a love timeless and eternal. In other words, NFs are looking for more than life partners in their mates – they want soul partners, persons with whom they can bond in some special spiritual sense, sharing their complex inner lives and communicating intimately about what most concerns them: their feelings and their causes, their romantic fantasies and their ethical dilemmas, their inner division and their search for wholeness” (230). Though courtship is often entered slowly and cautiously, Idealists are prone to really pour their lives into a relationship. Relationship itself can be idealized, which serves to make things more romantic, but beware of overlooking the harsh realities of human flaws and practical necessities. Also, beware of discontentment and moving on to find something newer or “more ideal.” Choose to put the effort into developing the love you already have. Idealists are apparently best suited for Rationals (NTs).
            INFJ – The Counselor: Interested in the humanities, preoccupied with morale, and an eye on tomorrow. “They trust intuition, yearn for romance, seek identity, prize recognition, and aspire to the wisdom of the sage” (152). Counselors can be difficult to get to know, though they possess a rich inner life. “Counselors thrive in occupations which involve interacting with people, nurturing their personal development, especially on a one-to-one basis. As with all NFs, teaching and the ministry hold attraction, although INFJs must develop an expressive attitude in both professions, which for them requires a great deal of energy. More suited to them is the general practice of medicine or therapeutic counseling” (154).
            Type description from the MBTI profile: Insightful, creative, and visionary, with a deep faith in personal insights. Sensitive, compassionate, and deeply committed to personal values; guided by personal values in decision making; motivated to seek meaning and purpose in work and relationships; may be reluctant to intrude upon others and thus keep too much to themselvesl; likely to value harmony and cooperation; usually seen by others as private, intense, and highly individualistic. INFJs are independent and individualistic, being governed by inspirations that come through intuition. These inspirations seem so valid and important that they sometimes have trouble understanding why everyone does not accept them. Their inner independence is often not conspicuous because INFJs value harmony and fellowship. They lead by winning (rather than demanding) acceptance of their ideas. INFJs prefer a quiet and organized work setting that allows them time and space for reflection. INFJs are complex, creative people with deep feelings and strong convictions that guide their lives. They are good at leading others toward positie changes with their gentle yet unswerving example. They are thoughtful and careful decision makers, often needing plenty of time to reflect on issues in depth and consider the man implications before taking action. Since INFJs are very aware of the feelings of others, they are sensitive to criticism and adversely affected by unresolved tension or unhappiness. People with INFJ preferences have a gift for intuitively understanding complex meanings and human relationships. They have faith in their insights and find that they often empathically understand the feelings and motivations of people before others themselves are aware of them. INFJs readily show compassion and caring for others, but they share their internal intuitions only with those they trust. Because they keep this most valued, important part private, others may find them difficult to know, When they try to communicate their internal sense of “knowing,” they often express it metaphorically and with complexity. They especially value authenticity and commitment in relationships. Preferred learning style: focused, structured, and complex with an emphasis on concepts and relationships (Torrey, baby!).
            Suggestions for development: learn to give constructive feedback to others on a timely basis; relax and be more open to the present situation.

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